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Privacy Policy

Collection of Information: ASNA Law gathers various types of information from visitors to our website, including domain names and email addresses, email communication details, user-specific data on accessed pages, and information provided by consumers like survey responses or site registrations. This may include personal details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and data from Google Analytics.

Use of Information: The collected information is utilized for enhancing the content of our website, personalizing the content/layout for each visitor, updating consumers about website changes, and supporting our internal operations through agents or contractors. We use this information for marketing purposes, but it is not shared with external organizations for commercial use. Disclosure of information occurs when legally required, for law enforcement purposes, for policy compliance verification, or to protect our website from misuse or unauthorized use. Information may also be shared in the event of a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of assets, or similar corporate changes.

Cookies: We use cookies for several purposes: storing visitor preferences, tracking session information, recording user-specific data on accessed pages, alerting visitors to new site areas, enhancing service upon return visits, avoiding repetitive ad displays, and customizing web page content based on browser type or other provided information. We also employ affiliate tracking with double secure cookies and IP tracking for 365 days.

Opting Out: If you prefer not to receive emails from us, you can inform us by email, phone at 614.221.8500, by email at or direct mail via our Contact Page.

Remarketing Services: Our website utilizes remarketing services to advertise on third-party websites (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) to former site visitors. This could include advertising to previous visitors who didn’t complete a task on our site. Third-party vendors use cookies for these ads, following our privacy policy and their respective privacy policies.

Ad Preferences and Opt-Out: You can manage your ad preferences for each service on their respective preferences pages. If desired, you can opt out of interest-based advertising entirely through cookie settings or a permanent browser plugin.

Contact for Opting Out of Future Advertisements: To opt out of future advertisements from ASNA Law, you can reach out using the contact methods provided below:

Phone: 614.221.8500