Allen Stovall Neuman & Ashton LLP

Insurance Company Insolvency

We handle all aspects of insurance company insolvency matters.

At Allen Stovall Neuman & Ashton LLP we handle all aspects of insurance company insolvency matters. With two attorneys who managed all of the insurance company receiverships and receivership related litigation for the State of Ohio for a number of years, we have a depth of insurance company insolvency experience.

Areas of representation or services provided by ASN&A in insurance company insolvency matters include: 

  • Representation of Insurance Commissioners as Receivers for insolvent insurance companies, including conservation, rehabilitation, or liquidation proceedings
  • Service as Deputy Receiver for insolvent insurance companies
  • Representation of Receivers appointed in state and federal courts for affiliates of insolvent insurance companies
  • Consulting and expert witness services in regard to insolvent insurance company issues, including pre-receivership, conservation, rehabilitation, and liquidation matters
  • Representation of claimants and other creditors with claims against insolvent insurance companies and their related receivers or guaranty associations
  • Representation of clients who are seeking to acquire assets or books of business from an insurance company receiver or financially troubled insurance company
  • Representation of clients in defending against claims made by receivers of insolvent insurance companies
  • Advising clients on potential insurance insolvency and receivership issues in connection with financing and other commercial transactions
  • Serving as mediator for disputes relating to insurance insolvency and receivership


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